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Posted: 18th August 2010 by john in Book

Cover the the book "God is My Employer"On the 4th of July 1976, Israeli commandos carried off the most celebrated hostage rescue in the history of aviation, landing at Entebbe Airport in Uganda in the middle of the night and rescuing more than 100 Israeli citizens. William Eyika was one of Uganda’s air traffic controllers, and he miraculously escaped President Idi Amin’s subsequent purge of his colleagues. He later became chief ground instructor at the East African Flying Academy in Soroti, Uganda. After Idi Amin’s reign ended, Soroti was attacked repeatedly by rebel forces, government forces and savage tribesmen. William’s father was murdered by tribesmen, who drank his blood.

William had a powerful encounter with God and became a Christian and the pastor of the local Baptist church. When insecurity became too great, he escaped to Kenya as a refugee. He found accommodation beside a notorious slum, and started a home group with beggars from the slum who knocked on his door. The group became too large for his home, so he started a church in a tent borrowed from the Baptist Mission. He started a school in the tent, and his work has since expanded to include numerous primary schools, a secondary school, various vocational training programs, and sponsorship of numerous other churches that run programs for the poor using a similar model.